Histroy Of WLTS

West London Tamil School (WLTS) is one of the first Tamil schools to be formed in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Mr C.J.T Thamotharam with the help of some others in 1978. Initially it provided services to the Tamil speaking people in West London. Later the school expanded its services to all communities in London to teach fine arts, mother tongue, Information Technology, English Language, Mathematics, Science, Sports and some after school activities. The school caters for the children from the age of 5 and provides life-long learning on the above subjects.

In addition the school is managed by eight elected Board of Governors, the Headmaster shall act as Trustees during their term. The Board of Governors serves the school and the community on a voluntary basis. The school is very fortunate to a have the Board of Governors from various disciplines. The Hon Chairman, The Hon Secretary and The Hon Treasurer, between them share a wealth of experience in management, administration and teaching over a number of years.

The school collects a nominal fee from the students and members towards its operating cost. Sixty-five percentage of the income is generated from fund-raising activities and the contribution from local businesses .The majority of the teachers and staff provide a voluntary service to the school with only the actual expenses being reimbursed.

We aim to be the first choice for our customers by understanding and meeting their needs more effectively. World class performance in the deliverance of the fine arts subject can only be achieved by having clear strategic aims and plans and the determination and ability to implement those plans. We aim to meet our customer’s needs in a more caring, more competent and more responsible ways.

We conduct Thirukkural Memorising Competition and Tamil Elocution competition every year to increase the ability of speaking Tamil. At the end of each of the three terms, there is an exam. From the examination results we select the best three students and award them with prizes at the annual Prize Day in July. Each year there is a Best Performer (All-Rounder) based on the achievement of the student given by the guideline on the Prize Day document.

We have school prefects and a Senior Prefect to assist the teachers during term time and during all the school functions. Each year after the Prize Day comes the Sports Day. We select the group champions amongst the children and the parents based on the guidelines given on the Sports Day document.

Using our business expertise and commitment to quality, we have developed a wide ranging education programme in Tamil language and oriental fine Arts. We greatly appreciate the contribution to this establishment by the retired governors and organisers.

West London Tamil School (WLTS) conducted the first OFAAL exams in 1989 fine art students. In 1993, WLTS gave the exam board its official name of OFAAL. In 2003, WLTS governors registered OFAAL with the Charity Commission.

WLTS is the Parent Charity and OFAAL is its child, like mother and child.